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Michigan Education

Education in Michigan is undergoing a sea change. While local district schools are making way for the opening of their own charter schools more education choices and opportunities are thrown open to students. The school accreditation of Michigan's system called Education Yes is to be replaced by a new one in September this year. The present system of education includes aspects of student achievement that gauge status as well as change besides other criteria of mapping school performance. Michigan School Accreditation System (MI SAS) will replace Education Yes! With regard to the State Board Plan, Mike Flanagan who heads the Board as Superintendent opines that it has a very balanced approach and could work. However the main focus of Michigan education is universal preschool for four year olds with kindergarten being made compulsory for children. K-12 to stay above fiscal year 2010 cuts; besides a guarantee with regard to state funding that there would be no mid-year cuts. Schools are encouraged to keep schools open for not less than 180 days as well as to explore innovations for year round schooling. Apart from yearly progress for districts and schools a need for coordinating the state budget cycle of local school districts was stressed for the current year. New hired public employees would be moved to a defined contribution system of pension. Attempts are being made to reduce target tax loop holes and tax credits. Information regarding Michigan education foundations, eastern as well as western programs of university of Michigan education is available of websites of education in the state.

Michigan State University

This prestigious university of Michigan for over a century and half has transformed the lives of more than a million by grooming its students to be future statesmen, judges, scientists, academicians, business magnates, writers, sports persons, actors, playwrights, directors apart from six Pulitzer Prize winners, among others in its portals. Offering a vast plethora of 150 programs it boasts of one of the largest study abroad enrollments and is the eight largest in the country. With 2954 faculty enrolled to groom 47,100 students the Michigan State University also caters to 60 countries by offering 200 programs in distance education. It gives recognition to top universities that conduct public research being one of the Public Ivy Universities of America. Students abroad browse for information regarding MBA, ranking, computer science, chemical and electrical engineering besides Michigan state university Dubai and Ann Arbor on its websites.

Details regarding Michigan education requirement, reports, reform, research association, special services association, standards, statistics, system, spending, scholarships and school as well as University of Michigan Education can be provided by the university on online for download purposes.

Michigan Education Association

The goal and mission of MEA viz. Michigan Education Association is to ensure that apart from student education the working environment for faculty and staff is of the highest quality. With its headquarters in East Lansing, the MEA promotes the rights of 157,000 members as a labor union or teacher's union. It offers its services to members with regard to employment goals and advocates for student's success oriented best policies apart from civil rights and better quality of living conditions for all. Information regarding retirement, scholarship, ownership as well as jobs is available on the website and news bulletin of the university. Details pertaining to Michigan education retirement, system, bill and legislation in the state are provided by the MEA office along with other information. Topics on education laws, leadership group, license, problems and pension portal are also available on websites of MEA. The Michigan Education special services association known as MESSA provides services in the line of medical health plans for the benefit of its 100,000 members apart from vision, dental and prescription benefits. Matters regarding retirement, assistance dues, discounts, scholarship, program, ownership and jobs can be discussed with the MEA staff.

Special Education in Michigan

The task entrusted to the special education office, Michigan is to groom students with the essential work skills along with academic and technical expertise so as to be proficient for entry, advancement as well as to compete in education and career. The programs offered under special education are career pathway programs in Arts and Communication, Business Management, Marketing and Technology, Engineering, Manufacturing and Industrial Technology, Health Science, Natural Resources and Agriscience. A manual is available on special education personnel approval system for those candidates seeking approval in Michigan State under the special education personnel approval system. As per the 2006-07 statistics there are 380 local delivery systems with 60 CTE Area Centers catering to 16 trade academies in 25 career initiative regions and 53 career education planning districts. Moreover at the post secondary level there are 28 community colleges with four colleges offering four year associate degrees, besides tribal colleges. CTE (Career and Technical Education Programs that are state approved include 16 career clusters under six career pathways enrolling 11,859 students in 212 cooperative/capstone education programs.

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