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California Education

Education in California (CA) is going places, being a state well known for its silicon valley with its great history of learning, schools of academics, art and sport as much as its film industry and glamour. Basic education comprises of the K 12 system which includes kindergarten, Grade 1 up to Grade 12. While middle schools in CA comprise of Grade 7-9 Junior High Schools have Grades from 7-9. Most Elementary schools in California have Grades 1-6 with the exception of seven who have extended up to Grade twelve. A comprehensive strategy for reform has been devised by the government viz. schoolwide programs that upgrade Title 1 school educational programs. The main idea behind this program is to ensure that low achievers particularly advance to proficient levels of achievement as per State academic standards. With the rising demand for jobs in higher education in California State students are on the look out for better standards of education so as to excel and achieve high performance levels in the State. Further information regarding university of southern California education as well as the northern state, budget cuts 2009, budget 2010, apart from education job fairs etc is available on several websites of California education.

SBE Department

The State Board of Education (SBE) is the policy drafting as well as the governing body of education in the state. The K-12 education policy is set by the SBE in areas of assessment, accountability, instruction materials and standards. Regulations are adopted by SBE departments, besides adopting K-8 grade textbooks besides authorizing waivers on Education Code. Eleven members are appointed to the State Board Education by the Governor of California State. Some of the key notes brought out by this department of education are on principles of education that focus on policy making on vital aspects that comprise a standards based educational system. Students in education programs can find information memoranda that furnish updates on educational topics besides issues concerning State Board Members. Other resources available from the SBE departments are about California's ongoing implementation of NCLB Act, 2001 viz. No Child Left Behind Act. The Department has a STAR method adopted for school and student accountability known as the Administration of the Standardized Testing and Reporting Program.

California Education Standards

The education principles that have been promoted by the Governor are affirmed by the SBE, State Board of Education California viz. to safeguard the standards set by the SBE which is the base of the State's K-12 educational system, common to all students. Other aspects emphasized were viz. to ensure that the curriculum and instructional materials are standards aligned, the support for professional development of teachers as well as the maintenance of accountability and assessment system apart from State Board adopted standards for CTC and teacher training institutes so as to strengthen K-12 coordination with higher education. Other Health Standards with regard to health education content have been drafted for California K-12 public schools. The California education standards have been so designed as to promote the highest levels of student achievement with the standard definition of knowledge, skill and concepts that a student of every grade should acquire. The standard laid down for careers such as Technical Education outlines the knowledge and skills essential with regard to career and post secondary choices. Moreover it also furnishes a blueprint on organizing as well as delivering instruction.

Year 2000-01 statistics from California Education
Grade Number of schools Student Enrollment
K-8 Elementary 5,368 3,151,767
7-9 Junior High Schools 21 19,364
K-12 K-12 Schools 54 31,404
9-12 High Schools 935 1,568,501
2-12 (Community Schools) 244 7533
K-12 (Alternative Schools) 235 58,872

California Education Code

Most students and teachers in California follow the code and standards set by the State Department of California with a few exceptions. In order to develop and refine the standard of education several codes and sections have been drafted by the policy makers governing California education. Compulsory Attendance Laws are mentioned under Code 48200 which states that all persons between the ages of 6 and 18 years require school attendance. Kindergarten is also considered a part of regular school. Other codes related to education are Code 48900, 48915 and 48955 among others are highly searched for information and details required by guardians, mentors, parents and student counselors on the net. Also information regarding school suspension, expulsion, attendance is furnished in the laws governing education institutions and students in California State. With regard to Title 1 schools, schoolwide programs can be operated by them subject to at least 40% of the students in the school being catered to belong to families of low income groups. Education in California also caters to students with bilingual mediums of instruction. The department of education in CA enforces the laws laid down by the governing body. Higher education is offered by several colleges and universities of education which follow the code and principles set by the standard of education in CA. Information regarding special education is furnished under California Education Code Section 60852.3 which promotes the rights of special students to education.

California Education Jobs statistics jobs crisis/2010

California is a great destination for job opportunities. Despite the job crisis in the previous year jobs in 2010 have picked up at quite a good pace. You could find jobs across the state for a variety of positions both in the academic as well as vocational spheres. You can avail of ready made resumes from several websites which you can download and utilize. Jobs are available for positions such as executives in multi national companies, banking and finance as well as internet, technology, biotech and medical industries. Teaching and Education jobs in California are available district wise in Alhambra Unified School District, Clovis Unified School District, El Dorado Union High School District, Hayward Unified School District, Orange Unified School District, and Rescue Union School District among others. Colleges and Universities in CA offer job openings at California Institute of Arts, Valencia; Bethany University-Santa Cruz, San Diego Community College including Mesa College, Miramar College as well as the Centers of Education & Technology in CA. Your search for jobs at premiere websites as well as from adverts in the newspapers could lead you to a plum position of your choice. You can have access to 1800 school agencies of education, county offices in school districts that are posted on the net regularly. 16,000 job vacancies await students, graduate freshers as well as experienced professionals in California state districts.

California Education Special

Greater emphasis has been laid on the section of special education in all government policies of education. Children who attend special schools are under the direct supervision of the state officials and regular monitoring is done in this regard. With regard to special education most students are keen to know about discipline, attendance and information regarding suspension besides title 5. The Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has approved the Assembly Bill 2 for 2009-10 enacting California Education Code Section 60852.3 which further states, eligible students would be exempted from the requirement of qualifying at the California High School Exit Examination (CAHSEE), commencing academic year 2009-10. The State board of education lays down the code of regulations for special schools. As per code, under Title 5 Section 11967.5 (H) stipulates the charter school's education plan, which includes reasons for expulsion or suspension and also the process of their due rights in this regard. A school may cater to groups from varying categories like special students with different abilities through special programs of education. Moreover schoolwide programs keep comprehensive goals in min emphasizing on combining all resources, improving every structure to serve all students to achieve the standard set by the education department, while assistance programs under Title 1 category offer educational support and services only to individual students. Thus by maximizing the impact of Title 1, schoolwide programs adopt a strategy of ongoing plans that moves ahead through improvement measures owned by the school communities as a whole, tailoring to special needs in education.

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