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The TOEFL test is a popularly accepted English-language test in 130 countries of the world. 7000 colleges/universities and also agencies under American standards accept this test of English, as a Foreign Language. Each institution has a TOEFL Code. For entry into universities in the United States, foreign students are required to do the TOEFL test. This is required especially for non-native English speakers. As only the recent TOEFL score of students is taken into consideration, the TOEFL test is valid for two years at the most. There are four sections in this internet based test (iBT) which is an improvement on the paper and computer based tests.. TOEFL India provides TOEFL Books that give complete details on TOEFL in India.

TOEFL Registration

Registration can be done for the TOEFL test online. The TOEFL Information Bulletin can be obtained from the TOEFL website The duration for TOEFL test is three hours. TOEFL Test Dates are set on fixed dates around six times a year. In case you register for TOEFL online, your TOEFL account is created through a password and id as per your selection.

If iBT is not available at your centre you could take a paper based test (PBT). The admission ticket mailed confirms the date and location of the TOEFL test. Personal information regarding name, address along with biographical data is required along with credit card payment. The list of test centers is made available on the website. Authorized test centers all over the world conduct iBT TOEFL Tests around 30-40 times annually. The test can be taken within one week up to a month. As many attempts to the TOEFL test can be made by a student.

TOEFL Practice

The TOEFL test in English covers oral tests like listening, reading and speaking English as well as written tests as per North American standards. You are permitted to take about one test in a week. You can avail of free TOEFL Practice tests as several websites offer. TOEFL material on web pages for the benefit of learners. Online opportunities are provided in TOEFL Grammar Practice for toefl practice tests commencing with toefl practice listening, TOEFL Test questions, test exercises and test papers. You may access the TOEFL Practice Test download material from the website. The Toefl essay sample and essay topics in TOEFL exercises are helps for the final TOEFL exam. You can look out for TOEFL Test Dates 2010 from the Toefl website.


1. Reading (60-100 minutes)

Three to five passages are provided with questions at the end. Topics are on academic subjects which need not be familiar. You are required to know along with comprehension, the cause-effect as well as compare-contrast functions. What you need to give is the general idea in your answers and if required provide details, meanings and information asked for in the questions. At times information tables would be asked to be filled up or a brief synopsis to summarize.

2. Listening (60 - 90 minutes)

In this section six passages are given for about 3-5 minutes duration with questions on the related passage. They may be given in the form of lectures, conversations and discussions. While the student is permitted to take notes, the passage is listened to only once. You may refer to the notes while you are required to answer about 5 questions.

3. Speaking (20 minutes)

This test assesses the ability to speak ex-tempore and communicate clearly. Two independent tasks are expected along with four integrated tasks. Communication abilities are tested in the former exercise while in the latter synthesis and effectiveness is gauged. Here again note taking is permitted besides a short time given for preparation before speaking.

4. Writing (55 minutes)

Writing tests also involve independent and integrated tasks that display the writing skills of students on academics. In the first task, the student, through his writing must defend his opinion through an essay on a given subject. The integrated tasks consists of reading and then listening to a related topic whereby the student after summarizing the main points in the passage read must write how these relevant points listened to are connected to the key points in the passage read.

Score Reports

A selection up to four institutes is allowed as score recipients so that on registration you can make or change selections online by 10 pm at the latest, or pay a fee of $17. Score Reports can be sent for FREE. The TOEFL validity period is mention in the scores are vali

TOEFL Paper based Test (PBT)

Free copies are provided on Vol.1 of TOEFL Practice Tests with free sample questions including listening, reading and writing skill tests. The model mock tests also could be done with the help of model question papers. The TOEFL sample question and answer papers give you an idea about what you can expect. After TOEFL PBT practice test and PBT preparation you are ready for TOEFL PBT.

1. Listening (30-40 minutes)

While there are three parts to the listening section, there are 8 questions about talks in the second part.

2. Structure and Written Expression (25 minutes)

A set of 15 exercises to complete sentences correctly are given in the "Structure and Written Expression" section along with 25 exercises in which errors have to be identified.

3. Reading Comprehension (55 minutes)

There are 50 questions in the "Reading Comprehension" passages

4. Writing (30 minutes)

An essay of 250-300 words comprises the writing.

TOEFL Test Scores

In the iBT TOEFL test, the score of 0-120 points' scale is charted. Each of the four sections viz. reading, listening, speaking and writing are given a score according to the scale of 0-30. Finally the total of the scores is obtained by adding up the scores of each of the four sections. Students keep a track of their average scores. Additonal score reports can be ordered online or by fax. TOEFL iBT Score Report Request Form must be filled up and submitted online for additional score reports.

TOEFL Coaching

TOEFL Coaching is available in TOEFL Coaching Centers where students are prepared for the TOEFL Course. Comprehension passages are taken up along with TOEFL course syllabus. Improve your TOEFL Vocabulary through opportunities for conversation in English and get the hang of American idioms and grammar. Through the help of TOEFL vocabulary tests and TOEFL grammar test you can get hold of more than 600 TOEFL words through flashcards.

Admission Tests

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