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Study Abroad

While most people love to travel abroad and see new places several people combine the two aspects of travel and education in their sojourn abroad. The prospects of good education and chances of higher positions in employment are also valid reasons students offer to study abroad. Very often in countries where education facilities are limited and the scope for professionals is narrowed down, many students look for fresh pastures in foreign fields for study and work. The lure of study abroad is not only in developing countries but also for various purposes in developed countries e.g. to learn foreign languages, culture etc. According to reports, the total number of Indian students has doubled since recent years in countries like the US while the highest density is in California viz. 1,500 out of 7,100 foreign students in the US. Moreover while there was a 10.8 percent increase in Chinese students, the number of Indian students in the US rose to 22 percent in the previous year. The following table gives a bird's eye view of students from India studying in countries abroad.

Countries Indian Students
U K 16,685
Australia 20,515
Germany 4,339
USA 66,836
New Zealand 1,563
Others 12,077

Study Abroad Scholarships

Students can avail of scholarships for several fields of education abroad. Besides there are funds provided to students as scholarship for Indians through grants. Moreover opportunities are also given through scholarships for minorities. A sizable number of students have been studying abroad with the assistance of funds received from donors, sponsors, non-governmental organizations, government grants and subsidies among others. The websites of several funding agencies and organizations provide information on scholarships and fellowships offered to students for the purpose of study abroad. Directories also are available to students who wish to pursue education at the graduate level as well as for post graduate and doctoral programs.

The association of commonwealth universities releases information periodically about the lists of scholarships available in 480 universities from Commonwealth countries in America, Africa, Australia, Asia etc. Apart from this the British Council provides information with lists of funding sources in UK. German universities offering scholarships to under graduates through flexible programs for research as well as for long term study abroad are listed under the DAAD - German Academic Exchange Service.

Loans for Study Abroad

International student networks have been founded to meet the rising demands of students for the purpose of studying abroad. Different types of loans for a wide range of courses and term periods are provided viz. Study Abroad Loans, Foreign Enrolled Loans as well as International Student Loans etc. Websites offering loans to students furnish information regarding loan procedures, sureties etc. Loan scholarships are available for students who wish to pursue study in UK, Germany, England, Ireland, Spain and several countries. Education fairs 2010 besides consultants on education offer guidance and information to students from Mumbai, Chandigarh, Chennai, Bangaore, Hyderabad and Kolkata especially for mba programs and other post graduate programs in universities and business schools abroad. All the documents required for loans including statement of purpose have to be submitted by the student pursuing study in a foreign country. Loans are also funded under several heads such as federal loans and private loans for students study abroad. These federal student loans are different from the private student loans about which details are provided on federal government websites.

Study Abroad
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