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Value Education

Values in education are like what virtues make of a human being. Value education harmonises the need for the student to achieve in a competitive world and the need to be compassion to his fellow beings. While society today faces many pressures and pulls of modern day advancement education with its competitive marking system is creating a market oriented society. Children are being groomed to be professionals to capture the top salary jobs in the market. All the same while it is necessary to teach the child to fish instead of giving him a fish it is values that maketh a man.

The definition of value education is educating the child to harmonise every aspect of his being viz. spiritual, physical, emotional, intellectual and psychological so as to develop his personality in a holistic manner.

Value Education in Schools

The importance of value education in schools is highlighted by many a prinicipal. Why is value education important in schools? Often the teacher explains the meaning of value education to children. Value education begins at home and is developed in schools. Stories with quotes on value education are important to help children understand the topics of value education. Many value education videos are also available for Value education for kids, students and for children of all ages. At time value education is offered in schools through ppt value education. Apart from the value education book, activities also are part of the curriculum in schools. Moreover value education and character building go hand in hand just the same as national integration does. Don Boscos's School, Jesus and Mary's Convent, St. Xavier's School and St.Michael's in India are fore-runners in the field of value education in schools today.

Value Education in India

Value Education in India from the ancient times has held a prime place of importance. From the gurukul stage the child not only learnt skills of reading and archery but more the philosophy of life in relation with its impermanence. Hence education in India was born of this vision to achieve one's experience in the absolute as a spark of the divine and in this process practice of one's duty accompanies the acquisition of knowledge. In the modern school system value education, was termed moral education or moral science.

Today most schools in India offer value education through school education. While private schools offer value education through class-wise books on value education others offer value education at special times in the school schedule e.g. assemblies, festivals etc. through activities on special themes and topics of value education e.g. national integration, character building etc. Value education quotes are available on websites for special displays, use in essays on value education and for notes on value education.

Value Education for Children

While value education is important for children in schools, the curriculum includes various forms of value education by means of stories, power point programs, activities etc. Books, videos and source material on various topics of value education are provided to children. Several schools promote value education projects, and exposure trips. Schools run by the Montford Brothers like St. Columbus, and MSFS schools in India train children to be responsible and contributing citizens of the nation for a better world. The archdiocesan schools in Delhi impart value education, which is compulsory in all the seventeen schools. So to in the 150 archdiocesan schools in Mumbai value education takes prime place.
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