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Basic Training Certificate Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh as the name signifies is a northern state which is the most populated state in the country and known for its great heritage and culture. While it has developed its agricultural sector, efforts are on to quicken the pace of educational development in the state through several measures. One such measure is the course for Basic Training Certificate in the state of Uttar Pradesh. This certificate course is primarily designed to improve the quality of elementary education in the country. The National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) has drawn up the (BTC) curriculum for this elementary course for primary teachers.

Literacy Statistics of Uttar Pradesh

The state of Uttar Pradesh ranks 26 among all the states in the country with regard to its literacy. While in 1981 its literacy ratio stood at 33.4 in 1981 it rose to 41.6. This is an indicator that educational development is moving steadily ahead in the state. Moreover the education policies of the state too are being revised to develop the education infrastructure for the welfare of children in Uttar Pradesh.

BTC Uttar Pradesh Form 2010

The application form duly filled in and signed is submitted to the Institute for the Basic Training Certificate Course. Basic training certificate course exam dates are released as per the notification provided by the Institute. Institutes run by the government follow a common set of policies with regard to issue of application form, BTC exam 2010 dates and issue of certificate. BTC Admission requirements have to be met with regard to documents required, academic records etc. in accordance with rules of the Institute. In case of the admission BTC UttarPradesh 2010, syllabus for the BTC training, detailed information is provided by the Institutes. BTC 2009 results have already been released.

BTC Basic Training Certificate Syllabus

The (BTC) Basic Training Certificate Course Syllabus aims at preparing the trainees to be groomed through teacher training skills and techniques that are essential for educating small children. On successful completion of this course and BTC exam the trainees are awarded the BTC certificate.

All primary boards of education have set up a minimum BTC eligibility criteria for the appointment of primary teachers in the state. Keeping in view that the mentors and guides of integrity can help build the nation by helping to develop students through quality education, the BTC (Basic Training Certificate) is mandatory for all teachers who wish to teach in primary schools in the state. The BTC 2010 exam dates will be released.

Basic Training Certificate Institutes in Uttar Pradesh

Not to be left behind the State of Uttar Pradesh is making every effort in the educational sector. There are more than sixty institutes in Uttar Pradesh that provide training courses to teachers with BTC (Basic Training Certificate) course syllabus. Some institutes are: Cosmos College of Education, District Institute of Education and Training in Sultanpur, Sitapur, Gorakhpur, Khanpur, Ghazipur, Shivrampur and others. Besides Acme Institute of Management and Technology, Akbarpur Degree College, Amar Shaheed Kancan Singh Mahavidyalaya, Ambrish Sharma College of Technology, Amogha Institute of Professional & Technology Education, Aryan Institute of MNGT & Computer Science Astron College of Education, Dau Dayal Mahila (PG) College, Dayanand Bachhrawan Degree College, Deen Dayal College, Dewanshu Samaj Kalyan Sewa among others.
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