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Education in Uttar Pradesh

In the sphere of education Uttar Pradesh (UP) has made much development from early times. Beginning from the primary levels of education Uttar Pradesh has developed its infrastructure and other services to cater to students especially at the elementary levels of education. Today due to the demand for jobs from the IT Sector in the country there is an increasing demand for technical education in the UP state. While schools are government run in the Hindi medium of instruction. Much contribution in the line of education development has been done through private institutions in the state. Schools are under the control of the state through the UP State Board of Education, Central Board of Education or the Indian School Certificate Examinations.

Primary education is at the pre-primary, lower primary and upper primary levels. With the enactment of the Child's Right to Information Act, the education board is promoting free and compulsory education in the state especially at the school level of education. It is not uncommon to see a school on almost every road. Secondary level education is offered to students who pass the primary levels. More and more schools upto the higher secondary levels are being set up in Uttar Pradesh.

Higher education is offered in Uttar Pradesh to students who complete the Class XII. Bachelor Education in Uttar Pradesh is offered through several courses such as B.Com, B.A., B.Sc and several others. Several junior colleges and degree colleges have been set up in the state to cater to the needs of students desiring to pursue higher education. The status of education in the state has reached a remarkable level of achievement, with the number of youth in the state employed in different parts of the country and abroad. Moreover distance education is also growing to be a popular form of education in the state.

Uttar Pradesh Education Department

The ministry of education is responsible for the affairs related to education in the state. The state minister of education in UP takes a keen interest not only in the following up of the state policies of education but also in the quality of education. The education board in Uttar Pradesh provides all the statistics, as well as administers the education policies, grants recognition to school etc. The education department in UP monitors the schools in each district as well as the open schools set up by the government. In keeping with the directives of the Board of Education the education departments implement the directives mention in the Children's Right to Information Act. An effort towards the universalization of education especially at the school level is soon being achieved by the UP Education system offering education for all.

Technical Education

In the state out of all disciplines in education in Uttar Pradesh the highest demand exists for technical education. However there are more than 28 universities in the state offering higher education in almost all disciplines, with courses in the regular stream of arts, science and commerce but more institutes for professional and vocational courses. Apart from these, there are 4 central universities set up by the central government in UP.

The All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE)is the apex body that regulates the standard of Technical Education in all states. Some of the renowned institutes of education in the state that are under AICTE are (IIT) Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, Don Bosco's Technical Institute Lucknow and Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow.

Education in Uttar Pradesh
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