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Study in India

India today is emerging as an educational hub for study not only for students in India but also abroad. The Indian economy is growing along with a steady rise in foreign exchange reserves which is why India is in a stage of evolution from a receiving end to a contributing source of potential resources in terms of knowledge, expertise and training facilities through several disciplines of education. With the growth of the private academic sector in India, higher education has reached new heights with several top institutes in India catering to foreign students. Study in India is forging new paths by offering a wide spectrum of courses through online distance education. IGNOU has the largest student enrollment in India. While India has always been a dream spot for foreigners for several purposes of business, tourism, art, the country is gearing up to become a one stop destination in the educational sector apart from academic, vocational fields, personality enhancement, spiritual and ethical development as well.

Study in India for international students

Foreign students have a lot of opportunities in higher education as well as other certified courses for study in India. Moreover seats for foreign students have been reserved by some universities in the country for students from countries that are developing. Information on this subject of admissions is also available with the Indian High Commission set up in each of the countries. Hence foreign students who wish to pursue courses for study in India would do well to keep in touch with the Indian High Commission for a recent update on courses and admissions. Popular courses for study in India from students abroad are Medical courses, technology and engineering courses, architecture, applied arts and others.

Study in India Scholarship Program

Programs for Study in India are also offered to foreign students through scholarships provided by universities in the country. These scholarships provided to students from abroad assist them in taking up any particular field of study in India program. However certain donor agencies and sponsors offer scholarships for international students only with specific conditions applying. Some of the opportunities for students abroad are through programs viz. Cultural Exchange Program, SAARC Scholarship Scheme, Commonwealth Scheme and ICCR Scholarship Scheme among others. While those students who can afford an education in India also benefit from the facilities offered to international students in private educational institutions however the necessary formalities have to be complied with viz. admission, letter, residence, permit, visa and passport.

Study in India 2010

While several students are interested in coming to India for short term as well as long term courses for study in India 2010, the influx is due to increase in infrastructure and study facilities for foreign students in India. While the coming years hold great promise of Indian institutions grooming the world's best professionals in art, science commercial and technological fields, the country is bracing itself to receive the creamy layer of the intellectual cadre from abroad doing research studies in India in order to make great leaps in advanced scientific and technical as much as in the sphere of ethics and personality development for the welfare of humanity. Many steps are being taken by governmental and private organizations to cater to every region of the world's seekers in academic as well as spiritual fields for self benefit and growth as well as for global prosperity.
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