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Scholarships for Engineering Students

A substantial number of scholarships in India have been provided by the Government of India at several levels of education for students in India. The primary aim of scholarships in India is to promote the educational development of students who pursue research and study in the regular and professional fields of education e.g. for engineering students in India, for MBA students, for PhD students among others. Higher education of several students in India has been helped through scholarships like fellowship which have prevent drop outs in higher education. Scholarships in India are also initiated by donors and sponsors from multinational organizations in India so as to encourage cultural exchange of students. Moreover scholarships are necessary for Indians doing research studies as they are unable to spare time for part time jobs abroad to support the cost of study.


Educational support through monetary assistance is offered in the form of Scholarships to deserving students. Various conditions apply with regard to the criteria adopted by different donors and sponsors who award scholarships to students. Most cases of students who have been awarded scholarships are students who have achieved academic excellence. At times certain colleges reserve funds for merit holding students while there are a few scholarships for students of backward sections who are promoted to further study, keeping in view their financial and social background. Several other reasons can be held as criteria for scholarships given by donors who offer scholarships for studying abroad

Scholarships For Engineering Students

NSERC in Canada each year offers post-graduate scholarships and doctoral fellowships to engineeing students. Under the USRA program undergraduate student research students are offered $4500 as research assistant for a 16 week term. However the host organization is also required to offer 25% toward the scholarship. A student can qualify undergraduate research even if he has completed his graduation hence scholarships for engineering students in India are on the rise.

The number of students applying for masters and doctoral studies in American universities has risen by 6% in 2006-07. While over 1,23,000 enrollments in foreign countries are of India students studying abroad, Indian students studying in US in 2006, rose to 76,000. While students seek opportunities for study abroad many medical students too apply for scholarships in India, besides students seeking scholarship for higher education in MBA programs, PhD programs etc. Scholarships are available for students from various states like Andhra Pradesh, U.P. and others. The website of each state provides information on scholarships. Students of from the state of Uttar Pradesh check out on the website

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