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Retail Management

Retail Management courses have benefited those pursuing careers in the shopping malls and departmental stores. With the super market boom, the retail industry has under gone a revolution of change with increase in capital investment worth several billions. Retail Management involves the administration of stores, processing of merchandise from its purchase, storage, shipment, distribution, advertising, finance quality assessment and sales. Several Management institutes offer Retail Management Courses that can open windows to a great career in the retail industry. With the opening up of the foreign markets the employment opportunities have further opened out with outsourcing opportunities.

Retail Management Jobs

Job prospects in the retail industry are blooming for Retail Manager positions. Retail Management today has set its mark in the retail industry due to rise in demand for goods as well as rise in the population. There has been a greater creation of trade opportunities in the commercial field where the requirement for professional managers is on the rise especially with regard to retail products. The Retail management courses are open to under graduates. A minimum qualification of Higher Secondary i.e. XII pass is required for the Course in Retail Management. The details of Retail Management Courses are provided by Institutes of Retail Management. The Courses on retail management are graduation courses that cover topics on marketing and business communication, supply chain management, electronic management of retail merchandise, finance management, quality assessment etc. Also included in the syllabus are topics related to customer relationship, retail brand management, business communication, sales promotion, inventory management, public relations, organizational behavior and management.

Retail manager Job Description

The primary objective of the retail manager is to gain maximum profit at the minimum cost. The retail manager job description entails a variety of responsibilities as mentioned in the Job Vacancies for Retail Managers. They are in charge of the administration of stores and other departments that have to run according the policies of the company such as:
  • Motivation and management of team to increase efficiency and sales levels
  • Decision making on managing stock levels and cutting costs
  • Analysis of sales and projection of future volume of sales for maximum profit
  • Interpretation of market trends and analysis
  • Documenting sales figures through IT data analysis for future planning
  • Handling staff issues, interviews and selection of staff.
  • Quality enhancement and customer service
  • Networking with local schools/ organizations to promote the company's products.

Retail Manager Resume

The opening line of the Retail Manager Resume should contain a very concise goal specifying e.g. 'a leader in world class sale achieving high integrity through quality and maximum outreach.' A Career Summary would highlight your strengths as retail manager. A good feel of the job is essential hence reviewing Retail Manager Job Descriptions are useful to keep in mind while writing a resume on the retail manager.

The Retail Managers Resume should include all the aspects of retail management especially with regard to both the Retail Management Course as well as experience if any. Mention your 'versatile and skilled management competencies' as well as your 'hands on experience in maintaining excellent co-ordination between the various departments you have networked with. Include details of 'your leadership as an assertive manager with outstanding skills for interpersonal negotiations and employee management. After mentioning the Educational Qualifications from degree to diploma level, add the important facts of skills gained. Verbs and action words specific to retail management are essential. Your language skill and knowledge of computers is an added asset that you need to mention. In the Experience category outline the current jobs with a focus on your achievements, contributions and recognition gained as retail manager. Finally include areas on expertise gained e.g. retail strategies, distribution techniques, Budget policies, incentive structuring, performance analysis etc. The resume should be accompanied by a cover letter that is appealing and brief. It mentions the job applied for and the attachment you are enclosing. The most important part is the 'looking forward to an early appointment' while applying for the post of retail manager. Several tips are available online which you can download regarding Retail Manager sample resume and cover letter.

Retail Manager Interview Questions/Solutions

The retail manager interview questions are available on several websites. It is good to go through the interview questions to get an idea of the type of question asked. Many students have met with success at interviews as they were already prepared with the interview questions. Retail Manager jobs interviews include specific interview questions. Every interview question has a solution which you can be prepared for in advance. Take the benefit of Sample Interview Qustions so that you can be prepared with the solutions.

Retail Management Systems

Retail Management Systems provide the answer how to succeed in the task of retail business by procuring solutions with the help of business techniques based from the grass-root customer to helping clients meet the needs of the world's customers in the modern age. Retail management systems software is available through Retail Management systems forums. Several modern methods of retail management operations are explained in detail. These can be taken advantage of online or you can download the information from the website on modern retail management systems.
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