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Education in Orissa

Education in Orissa is undergoing great upheavals after a period of decadence in the past. Already at a literacy rate that is above the national literacy rate, Orissa education has been moving to be a centre of education for the surrounding districts and further on. The first primary school was started by missionaries in1822, high school in 1868 and Medical College by Dr. Stewart who did the Oriya translation of Materia Medica. The Xavier Institute of Management is a prestigious institution in Orissa.

Secondary Education in Orissa

The three Boards that administer education in Orissa are the state run AISSE or All India Secondary School Examination, CBSE and ICSE Boards. The number of 2004 tribal students enrolled were 3537 while the percentage who completed Secondary Education in Orissa were 63.70 of which 62.88 were girls and 64.04 were boys at the State Board HSC examinations. Several NGOs contribute to the vocationalisation of Secondary Education in the State. The Centre sponsored Programs like Vocationalisation of Secondary Education received Rs. 1,01,500 for its education expenses.

The Primary Section also included 22,552 centers in 2004 as well as 896 upper primary centers. In 2001 the number of students enrolled in Primary and Upper Primary education in Orissa was 7,018,304 in 754 primary and 4,097 Upper Primary Schools. While computer aided education was introduced in 600 schools, the total literacy in the year 2001 was 64% while that of tribals was 22.3%.

Distance Education in Orissa

Opportunities for distance education are provided by the North Orissa University in the general and professional disciplines. The professional courses are job oriented programs in a number of fields. Courses for the full time students as well as on line are: Ayurveda, Botany, Bioinformatics Business, Biotechnology, Computing, Chemistry, Homoeopathy, Economics, Library, Law, etc. Application forms are available online for admission. Students desiring to pursue higher education through the distance mode in Orissa can apply to the university. The Distance Education Council's

Higher education in Orissa

The department of higher education caters to the development and growth of education in Orissa.

After primary and secondary education, higher secondary education in Orissa is offered for the students in the age group of 15-17. Apart from Junior Colleges, some degree Colleges also offer secondary education. Also know as 10+2 Orissa education systems permit students who pass the higher secondary exam to be admitted to colleges of the regular streams which is arts, science or commerce as well as to technical and other professional courses in institutes.

For admission to bachelor education in Orissa application forms must be submitted before the submission date to the respective college or university. Higher education in Orissa is offered at the graduate, post graduate and doctorate levels. As the number of institutions is limited the demand from students for higher education is on the rise.

To enter one of the seven Govt. engineering colleges after higher secondary examination students have to qualify through entrance examinations and interviews. Around ten private engineering colleges have come up in Orissa to meet the rising demand from higher education in Orissa and the neighbouring states like Jharkhand and Chattisgarh. There are also arts and crafts colleges in Ganjam and Bhubaneswar in Orissa. Besides Colleges of Music and Dance there are also agricultural colleges and a few colleges of ayurveda. Free computer education is offered in Orissa details of which are available from the All India Computer Saksharta Mission AICSM through online admission and registration services.

Orissa Education Board

As per the statistics of the Education Board of Orissa the drop out rate was 33.6% in primary schools with female rate was higher at 35.4 compared to the male dropouts at 31.9%. The Orissa education department administers and supervises schools run by the state. 2,934 teachers in Orissa Education Department service are employed as per SSA: 29341 while under DPEP: 3321 teachers. Orissa Education minister follows up on the requests from students for higher education in Orissa. Orissa is one of the websites of the Orissa education board. As per the education acts laid down by the government of Orissa education is compulsory for children upto fourteen years of age. Orissa education board service offers details regarding various schools from primary, higher primary, secondary and higher secondary that are run by the state.

Education in Orissa
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