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Education in Maharashtra

Maharastra, with its historical importance, heroes and well known for its tourism has a very good number of reputed educational institutions. Third largest among other states in the country with regard to population-wise as well as in area, the state of Maharashtra is moving ahead at a great pace in the economical sphere too. With Mumbai as the capital it has 35 districts of which several towns like Pune, Nasik, Wardha among others are growing in importance as educational centers. Other towns like Kolhapur, famous for 'Kolhapuri footwear' besides Nagpur for oranges, are now turning into great educational centers of learning.

Literacy in Maharashtra: Female literacy in Maharashtra is comparatively higher than most states. The total literacy rate stands at 76.88 in the state. Male literacy is higher than female literacy at 85.9% and 67.03% respectively. Educational indicators reveal that enrollment in educational institutions is increasing along with the pace of students from outside seeking education in Maharashtra, as prospects of better education in the coming years with regard to infrastructure and facilities are very promising. Among the disadvantaged groups, 2001 analysis shows that tribal women literacy rate stands at 39% with the difference between rural and urban areas showing 21%.

Primary and Montessori Schools in Maharashtra

Schools in Maharashtra enroll students at the age of five and above. The all round development of the child is given greater emphasis in Montessori Schools. As Mumbai in Maharashtra is economically ahead of other districts, ninety nine percent of the Montessori schools are located in Mumbai. There is also a Montessori school in Nasik, Maharashtra. The primary schools are under the Department of Education, Maharashtra. The drop out rates of students are 17.59% in the primary section while the overall drop out rate is 53.59% according to 2003-04 survey. The boys drop out rate is marginally higher in the primary on the whole. In backward areas it is 76.18%. The policies are being revised by the government with regard to the quality of education. Only 16% of Class IV students are literate as per the study conducted in 2003-04 viz. Amravati division 17.84%, Aurangabad division, 15.44% Adilabad division, 10.06% and Belgaum division 5.44%.

Secondary School Education in Maharashtra

The schools are run in accordance with the education policies laid down by the State Board and Central Board. International schools also have to toe the line, in keeping with the Education ministry in the State of Maharashtra. There are government and private schools offering education as per the SSC Board, ISCE and CBSE Boards. The international schools have also set up their branches in several districts of Maharashtra. Several government schools as well as private schools operating in Maharashtra have classes from Grade I to XII. School education in Maharashtra is two tiered viz. with primary and secondary levels of education.

School Medium of Instruction in Maharashtra

While Marathi is the state language, most Government schools have the Marathi medium of teaching while some offer other languages too as the teaching medium. Most of the Archdiocesan schools numbering 150 are in the English Medium. ICSE and CBSE schools too follow the English medium of instruction. In all a student who studies in a school in Maharashtra learns English, Hindi and Marathi as part of the school curriculum although the medium of teaching is any one of these languages. More and more schools find the necessity of teaching in the English medium as the demand for English schools is greater in the towns and even suburbs of Maharashtra. Drop Outs and literacy in Maharashtra Schools

The government of Maharashtra has launched various schemes and programs to increase the rate of retention in the schools. It is also trying hard to reduce the drop out rate of 38.38% (Primary) while the drop outs in middle school stood at 61.91 and high school drop out rate was 76.18%. In 2003-04 school enrolment increased to 128.3 million (2003-04) from 19.2 million (1950-51). 2001 statistics show the literacy rate of Maharashtra at 66.4% compared to the national rate 75.1%. The rural areas showed 72%, tribal areas 46.3% while in the urban areas the literacy rate stood at 81%. Prestigious Schools of Maharashtra

The Jesuit Education society has done pioneering work in the area of education in Maharashtra, catering to the different segments from cities, rural and tribal areas. St. Mary.s Schools, St. Xavier's, besides Don Bosco's and Convent of Jesus and Mary are providing yeoman service in the education cadre. In the rural areas several non governmental organizations provide educational facilities in remote tribal belts through bonga shalas, and mobile schools in quarries. The Don Bosco outreach has been remarkable in the area of education in Maharashtra as also the MSFS education society. Another well known education group is the Archdiocesan group schools numbering about 150 in Mumbai as well as others in the dioceses of Maharashtra which cater to students of every economic class including the weaker sections.

Higher Education in Maharashtra

Several universities in Maharashtra which are under UGC offer higher education facilities through a great number of colleges in Maharashtra. Some of them are the Pune University, Nagpur University, and SNDT University among others offer higher education through graduate, post-graduate, diploma and research programs in several disciplines. Higher education is in great demand as more and more job opportunities are created with the development of industries in the towns and rural areas too. Technical Education in Maharashtra With regard to technical colleges many outstanding institutions have catered to the needs of students pursuing their dream to be engineers. Several specialized fields in engineering are offered in several institutes of IIT in several places in Maharashtra, Army Institute of Technology, Pune, Fr. C. Rodrigues Institute of Technology, Vashi, A.C. Patil College of Engineering, Navi Mumbai and many others.

Medical Education in Maharashtra

Not to be outdone in the Medical Field new field of study in Research and Development is being carried out in Maharashtra. Job opportunities in Super-specialties and a great number of medical institutes draw students from all over the country and abroad too. Apart from the several medical colleges, there are MBBS, Post Graduation Degrees and also Diplomas being offered in various institutions of Maharashtra. Naturopathy Homeopathy, Super Speciality, Dental, Pharmacy, Ayurvedic and Unani are the different fields of medical study. Besides these, Colleges of Veterinary science are available too Other Careers: Maharashtra has shown the way of leading in business careers too right from the 'dabbawallas' of Mumbai to the Multi-national organizations originating in Maharashtra. Career opportunities galore await students who wish to be trained in MBA, Mass Media and Journalism, Architecture, Law apart from the regular stream of arts, commerce and science. Besides these are the Aviation College, Defense College, and Forestry Colleges. There are also other options in the Food Service College, Travel Industry College and College for Public Relations. All colleges are affiliated to a State University e.g. Kolhapur University, Shivaji University, SNDT University etc.

Distance Education in Maharashtra

Distance Education facilities are a boon to working students as well as school drop outs. Opportunities in distance education are available to students who wish to pursue their education goals. The University of Maharashtra and other Distance Learning Institutes provide distance education courses. Distance learning has reduced the initial inhibitions of the population and today more and more are following this mode of education. Course fees for Correspondence Courses are much less when compared with other regular courses. Apart from study friendly and flexible structures, study material is also provided. Some of the universities are SNDT University, Bombay University and Shivaji University among others.
Education in Maharashtra
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