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Education in Kerala

Education in Kerala has topped the charts in the field of literacy among all the states in the country. It is under the jurisdiction of the Department of General Education, Government of Kerala which considers education to be the fulcrum that sets the social wheel going. Apart from school education upto the secondary level the education department, Kerala also conducts teacher- training. In 2004-05 the total number of students enrolled were 48,45,931 while 1,73,807 teachers were on the staff rolls. Apart from the governments sector private sectors are contributing considerably to the growth of education in Kerala. In 1999-2000 there were 2580 high schools, 2968 upper primary and 6726 lower primary schools. 'Educating the masses is the key to development', this message has truly struck home in the case of the government of Kerala. Hence the infrastructure in Kerala education is better than other states. Drinking water is available in 84% of the schools whereas 83% of the schools have a building set up with 85% of the schools have urinals.

Education in Kerala after independence

Post Independence Education in Kerala after 1947 has gone through a positive evolution as the building up of infrastructure for education in the state of Kerala is visible through the facts and figures as well as the good turnout from the schools. Education at the primary level had a major role to play in the development of the state. No wonder then that the state achieved a total literacy of 90.86%. Female literacy in Kerala is very encouraging at 87.72% while male literacy towers ahead at 94.25%. Ernakulam, in Kerala was the first to attain 100% literacy out of all the districts in the state during the year 1990.

Education in Kerala before independence

From ancient times of the gurukul stage education in Kerala improved with modern advancement. Another beginning of what is modern education today was ushered in by missionary schools from the 18th century onwards which watered the growing seed of education in the state preparing it for the future of education today. Many Christian schools continue to contribute to the development and growth of the State. Some of the finest politicians and academicians have been the products of such schools who contributed positively to the growth of education in Kerala.

Distance Education in Kerala

The need for better education facilities for all students including the remote areas has led to the growth of distance education facilities in Kerala. The University of Kerala plays a major role in offering distance learning courses at the degree and diploma level to students pursuing distance education in the state. A three duration course is offered in B.A., B.Com, B.Sc., B.C.A., at the graduate level. Moreover post graduate facilities are also offered through courses of two year duration in M.A., MHRM, M.Sc., MBA and also MHA. Besides, Diploma Courses in PGDCA, PGDHHA, PGDEPMA, PGD-HSR, PGD-DN, PGDCJ, PGDCAFC and PGDAP certificate courses are also offered in communicative English of 5 month duration. Besides Kerala University there are several other universities and institutes that provide distance learning in Kerala.

Higher Education in Kerala

The Department of Higher Education is headed by the Principal Secretary to the Government. New colleges have been set up by the Directorate of Collegiate Education in Kerala. The Don Bosco College Kannur is a well known college in Kerala for higher education. A college that has done pioneering work in the field of social science is the Loyola College of Social Sciences in Kerala. Many institutes network with Kerala Education Society Delhi. There are 26 colleges offering MCA courses in Kerala while for MBA courses there are 10 colleges that train students in Business Management in Kerala.

Indigenous education in Kerala

Indigenous education in Kerala also led to the growth of education to reach higher education levels in the state. Many indigenous schools were started by indigenous people in Kerala under the inspiration of the missionaries who contributed to the growth and success of education in Kerala. Indigenous education continues today in helping school drop outs and unemployed through vocational/professional skills. The Institute of Social Service Vimalalayam is a forerunner in imparting indigenous education through arts, trade skills and polytechnic education to women especially from rural districts in order to make them financially independent.
Education in Kerala
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