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Education in Jharkand

Jharkhand is known for its rich mineral wealth and natural resources. It has a natural beauty of landscape and rivers with 29% of forest cover. Jharkhand is the 28th state created on the birthday of the well known legend B. B. Munda. At present its population is 2,6909,428 with 24 districts. Education in Jharkhand is yet to see a boom with its staggering social security system showing dismal figures of infant mortality rates at 70 per 1000 which is the highest among all the states in India. Education in the rural areas is strikingly low especially in the tribal belt where 13% of the children are severely malnourished. The literacy rate of Jharkhand state is 54.13% reveals that education and other social security measures are a need of the hour in the state. The Xavier's institutions in Jharkhand are instrumental in bringing about value based education in Jharkhand like the Xavier Labour Relations Institute, St. Xavier's College and Nirmala College are under the Xavier Board of Higher Education in Jharkhand. While the Don Bosco's technical institutes are offering yeoman service the well known institutes in Jharkhand for girls are several the Ursuline Girls High Schools in several districts of Jharkhand.

The State of Jharkhand has 21386 schools run by the Directorate of Education with three departments mainly the Department of Primary Education, Department of Secondary Education and the Department of Higher Education. In all there are five universities which also include one deemed university. Xavier Labour Relations Institute and XISS, Institute of Social Sciences is famous for its contribution to academics in the state. The diocesan schools in the state of Jharkhand have been reaching out to all sections of the state. In Ranchi the archdiocese has 17 primary schools, 35 high schools, 40middle schools, 27 village primary schools, 6 colleges and institutions. Nursing and other training schools are thirteen while there are three grahini schools run by the diocese of Ranchi in Jharkhand state.

Jharkhand Education Project Council

It is responsible for the carrying out of various education programs. As a large section of Jharkhand has no schools with walking distances, children are unable to enroll in schools which are too distant to travel. Hence to provide access to "out of school children' the Jharkhand Education Project Council has provided alternative schooling. During the year 2004-05 841 centers were opened with the total at 17,842 primary centers of education under the EGS or education guarantee scheme. The minister of education in the State of Jharkhand would need to look into the figures of school statistics and work out measures to get those in the education department and other state departments to help achieve universalisation of elementary education in the state. Jharkhand Education Board attends to all the functions of administration, monitoring of educational institutions in the state.
Education in Jharkhand
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