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Education in Haryana

Haryana is noted for its varied number of educational institutions in the state. The 1998-99 survey reveals that the total numberof primary schools were 10,399 and today continue to be on the rise. There were 1792 middle schools and 3838 secondary and senior secondary schools. While there are mainstream colleges totaling 214; of these the colleges that are only for women number around fifty three. Besides these there are fifty one Vocational institutes as well as professional colleges.

Literacy Ratio:

The literacy rate differs in the rural and urban areas of Haryana. Total literacy rate is 55.85 whereas in rural areas it is 49.5 the figures have increased in the urban areas to 73.66. However the female literacy rates in rural areas were just 32.51. In the urban are the literacy rates have improved to 69.10. While the female numbers are rather low, attempts are being made by the government to improve literacy on the whole.

Primary Education in Haryana

While education on the whole has improved in Haryana efforts made in this regard have shown marked improvement in some areas. In the level of Primary Schools, the number of schools in 1996-97 were 4449 and in 2000 were 10,399, which is to say that today there are many schools coming up in Haryana that cater to students pursuing education through the Haryana State Board, CBSE or International board. Students in primary section study in class 1-4. Montessori or Kindergarten Schools also prepare students for Class I admission in Primary Schools in Haryana. Students who pass in Class IV are promoted to the next leve.l which is Middle School in Haryana School Education. Middle School Education in Haryana:Those students who continue education after the primary are admitted to the Middle School. Haryana Middle School education comprises of Classes 5-7. There were about 735 middle schools in 1966-67 whereas the number increased to 1776 in the year 1999-2000.

Higher and Secondary Education in Haryana

Students who have passed Middle School enter High School in the State of Haryana. After High School or Secondary School Education in Haryana the State provides for Higher Secondary school facilities in Haryana. While the number of High schools and Secondary Schools in 1966-67 were 597 only, the number increased to 3975 by the year 2000.

Education in Haryana is provided in two modes through the Higher Secondary system of the state viz. general education and vocational education. There were 24 vocational institutions in Haryana in 1984, 118 in the year 1999 whereas they increased to 16982 by the year 2000. Total literacy rate of the Haryana state being 55.85% shows that it exceeds the average literacy rate of India. To improve female literacy in Haryana the state offers free education to girls up to state college level.

Higher Education in Haryana

Opportunities are offered by the state in Haryana Higher Education institutes. The universities at present are four in number while the colleges in the state numbered about 167 in 2000 have increased to 214 today. The number of colleges in rural areas are only 66 while those in the urban areas are 101. The total number of government colleges set up by Haryana State Education are 27 in urban areas whereas 28 in the rural areas. Private colleges in Haryana number about 101 in the urban areas compared to only 66 in the rural areas. Apart from the mainstream colleges that form 91% of institutes in college education there are also teacher training colleges, medical colleges, agricultural colleges, engineering colleges and veterinary colleges in Haryana.

Distance Education in Haryana

The demand for higher education is on the increase in all the districts of Haryana. Distance learning facilities are provided in Haryana through Open Universities. A new regional center has been slated for educational facilities in Haryana. Covering neighbouring states too, this Regional centre at Karnal in Haryana will be functioning from July 1. It will serve the states of Chandigarh, Himachal Pradesh and Punjab too as the regional center of Indira Gandhi National Open Universtiy. Correspondence courses are also available through IGNOU's Department of Distance Ediucation.
Education in Haryana
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