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Education in Goa

Board trust development corpoation department minister-distance education in Goa Education is Goa is moving from the teacher directed mode towards the learner directed classroom. This is bringing about a healthy change in the educational ambience of the coastal state known as 'God's abode' Goa. Know for its historical importance and development some of its well known institutes are the Fr. Romuald founded ones like Goa Institute of Management, st. Xavier's Institute of Research and Nirmala Institute of Education. Having achieved literacy rate of 82% Goa aims to have 100% literates in the next year. Goa Education Department in its education thrust emphasizes on universalisation of education. Having attained much progress at the elementary level of education the demand for secondary and higher education is on the rise.

GEDC, Goa Education Department

The statistics provided by the Department of Education Goa reveal that while much effort has been made at the primary stages of education there is a need for education infrastructure in higher education. The number of schools at the primary level in 2001 was 1268, middle schools were 440 while secondary schools were 365 and higher secondary were eighty schools.

Goa Education Development Corporation

To promote the rapid development of educational infrastructure and services the Goa Education Development Corporation GEDC aims at meeting needs at the individual and corporate level. The Goa Education board is chaired by the Minister of Education and assisted by the Directors of Higher Education, Technical Education. The GEDC is set apart from the Directorate of Education at Panaji which is controlled by the Director of Education.

Distance Education Goa

Opportunities for Distance Education in Goa are rising as per the demand of students to reach higher levels of education to obtain jobs in the several academic and industrial sectors. On such institution is Distance Education, Information and Training Infrastructure (DEITI) This institute uses satellite technology with assistance from RD, Govt of India and support of Distance Education Council Goa and ISRO. Its aim is to supplement formal and non formal teaching with the best ideas exchanged from the top institutes of education the world over
Education in Goa
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