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FMCG, is rising up to be a great industry of the future. Statistics show that more and more management graduates have chosen careers in FMCG Sector. According to Nielsen Campus Track B School survey the industry and trade lists in 2010 have been peaked by FMCG by 44% students showing preference to the sector dealing with Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG).

FMCG Sector

Being the fourth largest in the national economy, the FMCG sector holds a large share of the Indian market netting in roughly Rs. 52.1 billion. It comprises of two sectors viz. the organized and the unorganized sector. Moreover despite the stiff competition that exists, its sales strategy and distribution is well chalked out for the FMCG industry to top the charts in the coming years.

Career in FMCG Sector Sales

With the FMCG sales figures reaching new highs, there has been a greater increase in sales jobs in the country. Population growth has been responsible for the demand for Fast Moving Consumer Goods which has escalated the need for FMSG sales job opportunities. The products dealt by the FMCG industry are non-durable hence are required for day to day human requirements. Hence jobs in the FMCG industry are of varying types from one-to-one, direct selling, professional or industrial sales pertaining to the selling of different types of business or indirect telesales. The effectiveness of sales staff depends on on the quantity or number of products sold.

FMCG Sales Jobs

Sales Executives, Area Sales Managers, General Managers, Sales, Branch Managers in the Sales Division, are some of the jobs in the Sales Industry which are continually required by employers all over the country. Most towns and cities advertise for Sales Jobs all over the country, all the time. While the consumer is stressed about making a choice from the variety of consumer goods sold, the sales staff share their knowledge about products to their customers. Their competence and selling skills come to the fore which influences the customer in the sale of the product.

FMCG Companies

More than hundreds of FMCG companies are keen on employing good sales staff to expand the growth of trade and industry dealt by FMCG companies. The segments that FMCG companies cater to are broadly classified as premium segment for customers who are brand conscious and the popular segment for the price conscious.

FMCG Sales Industry

HUL, Godrej, Consumer Products, P&G, ITC, Reckit & Colman and Nirma among others are major players dealing with house-hold care products like washing soap, cleaning products, air fresheners, polish and repellents. So too are products on personal care where the major companies are Colgate, Lakme, HUL, Dabur, Emami, Fem Care, Himalaya, P&G among others. Finally the food and beverage products have their share of companies holding the roost like Glaxo, Dabur, etc.

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