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Education in Chandigarh

Chandigarh holds the top rank in Human Development Index for promoting the quality of living and is also known to be the only Union Territory that is the capital of two state governments. It is the sixth in terms of prosperity and has ratings of being the 'Wealthiest town'. Moreover Chandigarh education is growing rapidly in the city with the increase in infrastructure facilities. Well known research institutes like CSIO and IMTECH among others provide research opportunities to students.

Distance Education in Chandigarh

Distance Education in Chandigarh is much in demand due to the increasing number of working students desire to pursue courses through the distance mode. The advancement of technology and other infrastructure has added to the number of enrolment if courses of distance education in the state. The Universities in Chandigarh offer distance education in various disciplines which is an added facility to students residing in remote areas. The Correspondence Course offered is greatly pursued as the fee structure is comparatively lower than full time courses conducted by other colleges and universities. As lesser class hours are required in the Courses conducted through Distance Education in Chandigarh this flexibility attracts more and more students from Chandigarh and surrounding areas. The Department of Correspondence Studies in Chandigarh University offers opportunities for distance learning in Chandigarh.

Computer Education in Chandigarh

Computer Education has come a long way in Chandigarh due to changing needs of students of the modern technological age. Today there are more than fifty five Institutes of Computer Education in Chandigarh all over the city. The opportunities for computer education in the city is provided with a view to prepare them for a career in computers. There is an increasing need for computer professional in the industry. With the development of trade and industry there has been a corresponding rise in jobs for professional in Computer Education in Chandigarh City. As per the education in Chandigarh administration of schools and teachers is under the jurisdiction of the

Chandigarh Education Department Administration Board

The Chandigarh Education department conducts the administration in the Department of Education in Chandigarh. The government schools number seventy seven in the union territory of Chandigarh. Under the department of education in Chandigarh are 20 primary schools, four middle schools, fifty two high schools and twenty eight senior secondary schools. As per the Department of Education, Chandigarh Administration, 95% of teachers working in Chandigarh Education Departments are paid from the country's Consolidated Fund. Besides government schools seven aided schools provide school education to children in Chandigarh. Apart from these there are 28 approved private senior secondary schools, 17 private high schools, 13 private middle schools and eleven private primary schools offering students in Chandigarh education. The Chandigarh education boards are CBSE as well as Department of Education, Chandigarh Administration for government schools.

Chandigarh Education Results

Chandigarh Education results are declared as per the Boards for school examinations and by universities for Chandigarh Education colleges and institutes. Online results can be downloaded by students from the Education department websites for schools or university websites for college students. The exam dates and results are published by the respective education departments as per the stipulated time which is available on the website. The standard of education in schools and colleges is monitored by the Department of Education, Chandigarh Adminstration as well as by the Universities.

Chandigarh ranked 2nd in literacy in 1981 and Rank No. 4 in 1991 among other states in India. Chandigarh's literacy ratio stood at 35.7 in 1981 and rose to 77.8 in 1991 against the national literacy rate of 43.7 in 1981 and 52.2 against India's population of 670.17 million.

Chandigarh Educational Institutes

Chandigarh education boasts of a good number of colleges both in the regular stream as well as in the professional cadre. There are four colleges in art/science/commerce stream in Chandigarh. Apart from mainstream education the Regional Institute of English is popular for students desiring to excel in ELT (English Language Teaching) methods. Punjab Engineering College, Panjab University, National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, Post graduate Institute of Medical Examination and Research are some institutes of education in Chandigarh.

12500 students are enrolled in Government colleges besides 9,200 in aided colleges offering education in Chandigarh. 530 lecturers are employed under the University in Govt. Colleges in Chandigarh while there are300 aided teaching posts in aided colleges in Chandigarh education. Besides one State Institute of Education, there is a Regional Institute offering opportunities for education in Chandigarh.
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