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Education in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad once was a great capital in mughal times is Gujarat's largest city. Known for its historical importance it is well known for trade and commerce. Hence the corresponding emphasis on education as well as educational infrastructure is promoted by the State. Some of the pioneering institutions like St. Xavier's and writers like Carlos G Valles are world famous. Apart from regular colleges in Ahmedabad education in professional colleges is on the rise as jobs openings are promising in almost every industrial sector. Other well known institutes are ISRO recognized Physical Research Laboratory and Space Applications Centre, Institute of Management Ahmedabad, Center for Environmental Planning and Technology.

Computer Education in Ahmedabad

Computer education in Ahmedabad is exceedingly sought after by students pursuing professional careers in the city. A number of courses are available to students from any of the computer institutes. One of the oldest computer institutes is the Xavier Institute of Computer Sciences (XICS). It conducts one year Diploma courses for post graduates in Computer Applications which is recognizes also by US Marquette University. The course comprises of two semesters and is structured to help students in their independent fields of study or in the profession as programmer. The application forms can be downloaded from the Institute website. Exam dates and information about admission proceeded can be also obtained online.

Aptech Computer Education in Ahmedabad

Aptech computer education is offered in Ahmedabad through its centers. Opportunities are provided in various courses of education in Ahmedabad. Students desiring to select computer courses can choose from the following Aptech Courses available in Aptech Centers in Ahmedabad such as: B.Sc university degree in Computer Applications for those aiming to study degree courses. Besides this there are career courses like the Special "Aptech for Engineers" programs and ACCP which is a complete IT Program. Moreover for those who would like to take up short-term courses could opt for the Cloud Computing certificate course. Students could contact the concerned persons online for more details regarding admission, syllabus, exam dates and other information. Information download is also possible from the website.

PT Education in Ahmedabad

PT Education in Ahmedabad has been grooming students to meet the challenges of the future through training in the professional cadre. A number of students have been trained for various careers through coaching in the competitive examinations and have gained access to Institutes of IIM and MCS colleges. Through various courses like Take Off , Pinnacle, Smartalk, PersonA, New Vistas, Login etc students are prepared through quality teaching to gain success in the examiniation of their choice. PT also conducts franchise model operations and has completed eighty franchises already.

Ahmedabad Education Society

AES or Ahmedabad Education Society has pioneered education in Ahmedabad since 1936. Being one of the largest educational societies in western India, it contributes to specialized fields of education viz. Architecture, Commerce, Science, Arts as well as Pharmacy. There are several Institutes in various disciplines under Ahmedabad Education Society some of which are the L.D. Arts College, L.M.College of Pharmacy, School of Architecture, H. L. College and now also a Management College of Education in Ahmedabad.

Education in Ahmedabad
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