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IELTS an international testing system, gauges both knowledge and communication skills of students in the English language. It is a necessary tool that assists people who plan to work in English speaking countries. The test of the pudding is in the eating; hence students taking the IELTS test would be required to hone their language skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing English as per Cambridge and British Council standards.

IELTS Test Dates are on stipulated days every few months. Not all centers conduct tests on all the dates specified. Usually two dates are marked for General Training every month. Four dates in a month are marked for Academic tests.

The IELTS modules on Listening, Reading and Writing will be held on the same day. The module on Speaking can be taken any time within the week. Those aspiring to study in English speaking universities and institutions of higher education would take the Academic Version of IELTS Test. In the case of those desiring to immigrate for work purposes, the General Training Version of IELTS would be applicable

IELTS British Council

Thirty nine cities in India have registered under IELTS British Council. There is a wide range offered in the line of registration and payment selections. The benefit on registering with the British Council is the receipt of a copy of IELTS past papers provision for students. Practice modules through online preparations are offered. The online services are provided only by selected test centers managed by the British Council.

IELTS Application form should be submitted at the British Council Office along with IELTS fee by DD in favor of The British Council. Provision for top IELTS books are also made at IELTS selected centers of the British Council. IELTS results are obtained from the website of the British council managed IELTS centers. IELTS Results are processed through the Express Marking system. IELTS Exam Dates must be checked by students and confirmed online.

IELTS coaching centers

Student preparation for IELTS Courses through coaching centers is conducted in several centers all over the world. IELTS India coaching centers are found in the cities and towns like Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai and others. IELTS material along with IELTS practice is provided to students. IELTS is accepted in all of Britain, Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand and South Africa. Moreover other professional organizations as well as around 2000 academic institutions in the U.S. accept IELTS. This test is necessary for those immigrating to places like Canada and Australia. IELTS books are available for IELTS preparation. Free downloads of IELTS test material as well as test practice aids are available on IELTS websites.


The scale of IELTS Test scores range from abilities of non-user to expert user. The nine band scale corresponds to a specific competency in the language. IELTS score calculator is used to calculate the IELTS score as per the score table. The final scoring is shown on the IELTS score card. Score processing and reporting is carried out by trained IELTS professionals. The score report can be mailed within a fortnight of the IELTS test. IELTS scores can be checked on IELTS websites.

The Nine Band Description of IELTS scores is:
  • 0. Did not attempt the test
  • 1. Non User
  • 2. Intermittent User
  • 3. Extremely Limited User
  • 4. Limited User
  • 5. Modest User
  • 6. Competent User
  • 7. Good User
  • 8. Very Good User
  • 9. Expert User
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