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GRE or Graduate Record Examination is standardized by ETS (Educational Testing Service). It tests the general abilities of a student who seeks admission in a graduate school. The GRE is required in the case of English speaking and is valid up to 5 years.In USA about 3500 Universities use the GRE. Moreover graduate programs range from 300 to 500 in number where GRE scores are accepted.

GR Examination

This exam is computerized in a format known as CAT (computer-adaptive test). It is the individual performance that sets the level of (easy or tough) questions asked. Accordingly correct answers will be tested further by tough questions while wrong answers will be succeeded by easy questions. Hence the score too will be adapted as per the level of questions asked. Irrespective of the difference in questions asked, all test takers can be gauged by a common measure viz the statistics provided by the scores obtained. This examination can be given on line or on paper. GRE Exams are held at stipulated times in the year GRE Test Papers Two separate Tests have to be answered in the (GRE) Graduate Record Examination viz. the General Test followed by the Subject Test.

The General Test

This test comprises of three sections viz. verbal, quantitative, and analytical writing

Analytical Writing

The two sections begin primarily with Analytical writing. The time allotted for these two sections is 75 minutes.

Verbal Section

In the verbal section of GRE the Section 3 comprises 30 questions. The duration for this section is 30 minutes.

The Quantitative Section

The quantitative section viz. Section 4 is of 45 minute duration and comprises 28 questions

The Subject Test

The Subject Test is not given on line but only on paper. Registration for the subject test six weeks in advance is necessary. If you plan to take it, you should do so in November (remember that you must register for it approximately six weeks before it is given). This subject test is helpful if you wish to major in English Literature, Science, Math or Computers as the score gives you an idea of where you stand on an international scale. The cost of GRE is $160 currently, subject to concession for the economically challenged

GRE Exam

GRE exams are held five times a year. The GRE Exam Dates for 2010 are released on the website as October 11, 2010 and November 15, 2010. Students appearing for GRE will check and confirm the dates on the GRE website. ETS GRE also furnishes information regarding the dates for the examinations. GRE fees are to be paid before the examination on registration. GRE exam papers are available upon request for practice.

GRE Scores

GRE Scores are necessary for admission in Universities. The marks are out of 1600 totally. A good score would be above 1300. A total of 800 marks each are allotted for English and Math. Analytical Writing Section has a score ranging from 0-6. A score of 4 is accepted by most universities. Score reports of GRE General Test are sent as soon as six weeks are completed after the paper based verbal and quantitative section test. For GRE Score Reporting the Additional Score Report Form (PDF) should be downloaded, filled in and sent along with the fee.

GRE Centers in India

Several institutes are set up as GRE centers in India in Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad among others. Practice in analytical writing, with the help of analysis essays and analogy questions and analogies practice is given. Antonyms along with list of antonyms is provided. GRE bible gives you a clear idea through rapid share, torrent, review as well as free download of content. GRE coaching classes in Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Delhi provide GRE preparation to help improve GRE ranking.

GRE Coaching

Intensive coaching is given by coaching centers who prepare students for GRE. Free GRE Test papers can be downloaded from websites. The entire GRE syllabus is revised for the benefit of the students Revisions in GRE 2011: Changes in the GRE format are to appear in 2011, in certain areas including a new scoring scale, elimination of antonyms and analogies in questions, addition of calculators that are online and also others. GRE Word List is available upon request on the website. Infozee provides a word listing that is over 3400 complete with GRE antonyms, synonyms, meanings as well as sentences.

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