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GMAT Information

The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is a standard test of academic competency in Math and the English language. It is an important criterion for selection to MBA and PhD Courses in USA and other countries. Moreover these tests can be taken online or can be paper based. These tests are done at centers in accordance with the policies of the Graduate Management Council, U.S As mentioned above the full form of GMAT is Graduate Management Admission Test. GMAT Test Dates are mentioned for each test along with the duration. The GMAT test can be taken at any time as GMAT is given all the year round. GMAT CAT is a Computer Addaptive Test which prepares those taking the GMAT tests like GMAT. The GMAT CAT is also registered under the Graduate Management Admission Council.

GMAT Structure

The GMAT has three sections. Verbal, mathematical, and analytical writing competency is gauged in these three sections. The duration for the three sections is allotted separately.

GMAT Syllabus

  • Section I Analytical Writing Assessment Section comprises of
    • Analysis of an Issue .30 minutes
    • Analysis of an Argument30 minutes
  • Section II-Quantitative Section.75 minutes - 30 questions
  • Section III Verbal Section ..75 minutes - 41 questions

GMAT Scores

The scores obtained in the second and third section are not official. Within a few weeks after the GMAT Test the final scores are sent officially. The quantitative section results are graded cumulatively and presented on a 200-800 scale. A GMAT score of 703 is average, 710 is median, 640-760 is within 80% (Class 2008). Through GMAT guidance one can improve one's score levels. Websites on GMAT provide details and information of GMAT score calculator, GMAT good score, GMAT highest score and GMAT Books 2010.

GMAT India

There are several GMATcenters in India. GMAT tests are conducted in several GMAT colleges in India. GMAT eligibility is required essentially as per the criteria, before registration at the GMAT colleges. GMAT is popularly known in the cities as GMAT Delhi, GMAT Hyderabad, GMAT Chennai, GMAT Mumbai etc. There are several coaching centers and GMAT institutes that cater to students pursuing GMAT tests. The list of Gmat colleges and institutes are available on the official website.

GMAT Question Paper

Course preparation, with mock drills and mock test are conducted by GMAT colleges that provide GMAT questions as per the official guide. GMAT English grammer material is available. Also provided are awa samples as well as essay samples. English grammar classes include idioms with idiom list pdf or book. Free guide material can be provided on request. Some centers offer free download of material besides free online tests, free practice tests and free study material. Preparation for math is also done

GMAT Kaplan

GMAT Kaplan is a coaching institute for students in GMAT preparation in various courses to improve GMAT scores. Several options in Kaplan Gmat preparation courses are offered. GMAT practice tests are provides along with GMAT classes in view of the GMAT exams. Students requiring extra help are offered assistance through the various levels and options provided. The courses are tailored to suit individual needs of students as per their budget.

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