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Canada Education

With the enactment of the education policy under Section 23 of the Constitution in 1982, both mediums of instruction viz. English and French were made available in Canada. Compulsory education is promoted in the different states and provinces by the departments of education in Canada. School commences in September and lasts until June 24 which is a provincial holiday. This country ranks fifth in enrollment of international students which makes it an attractive destination for foreigners. The official number of school days is 190 in Canada. The age of commencing education varies between four to seven years according to each province. It is mandatory for children to attend school up to the age of sixteen. With rising opportunities for high school diploma students the number of students completing high school education is far more than degree holders in the states of Canada. The system of education continues up to the twelfth grade for students of ages 17/18. High school term ends after Grade XI or Secondary V. University education can be pursued by students after completing their Grade XII education. While most states in Canada provide K-12 viz. Kindergarten to Grade XII through the education system, some provinces like Ontario offer Junior and Senior Kindergarten. In several provinces the education of the adult population is catered to through public funded courses at the high school level. About one tenth of Canada's population does not hold high school level diplomas. Canada education for Indian or international students is has certain guidelines offered by consultants in India at Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi. In several countries students can log on to websites of educationcanada collegecom for the purpose of education. For jobs and news about placement services several students check out educationcanada jobsearch and newjobs

Canada Education Savings Grant

In a move to offer support to Canadian children, the saving grant system is one such support structure that is welcomed by guardians and parents from all sections in Canada. Those desiring information regarding savings grant, savings system, savings act besides application form can download the details from the website on the section named Canada Learning Bond as under:
  • The Government of Canada grant assists you to start saving in advance for children's education after high school.
  • The amount received from Canada Education Savings Grant for the frst $500 invested is up to $200 if the family income is $39,065 or less
  • the amount received will be $150 if the family income is from $39,065 and $78,130
  • up to $100, if your net family income exceeds $78,130.
Hence by saving more than $500 the amount added by Canada Savings Grant is $400 on the next amount of $2000. The maximum amount of grant offered to a child in Canada is $7200. The amount offered can be utilized for studies full time, part or apprentice programs, college, trade school or university. The brochure that offers detailed information can be obtained online under the title 'Get Money Now for Your Child's Education. Those children who are eligible for the grant are of the ages up to seventeen and should be residents of Canada with an RESP opened for them. Up to now more than three million children in Canada have avail of this grant.

Canada Education Statistics

Information regarding Canadian Education statistics are available on all department websites of each province in the states of Canada. With regard to Alberta, the public school system, under funded student enrolment statistics show that ,31,090 students in 2009-01 comprised of 96% of student population. While the total number of funded students were 5,54,990, those under the private school system of Canada form about 4% viz. 23,900 students. With more than 2,123 schools to cater to, the finance budget 2010 would focus their commitment to keeping the right balance between programs and services and quality instruction. The funds allocated for Alberta's K-12 education system amounts to $6.3 billion with an increase of $52 million compared to the previous year. The school boards' support increased from $249 million to $5.4 billon for 2010. Education in Canada statistics is available for students who wish to learn about history in Canada Education apart from news, facts and education in Canada 1900 upto 2009, 2010 and more. The departments of each province in Canada furnish the latest reports, news bulletins as well as statistics about schools, colleges, universities in the state. Moreover information about the same for Indian and international students is also available on websites of departments of education in Canada.

Canada Education Network

CEN is the abbreviation for Canadian Education Network is an educational, counseling as well as an international student support service which is privately owned and operated with Canadian Ministry of Industry support. The main aim of CEN is of assisting international students to meet their need for guidance in Canada higher education. Moreover the Network for educatin in Canada also provides support so that the students can meet with success in their goal for education in the country. With over 140 Canadian colleges universities, besides language schools under partnerships with CEN, the network operates closely with these institutions of education in order to provide students with total support and guidance. The following services are rendered by the Canadian Education Network:
  • Academic advising and counseling for students
  • Admission and handling school applications
  • Complete medical and insurance support
  • Assistance for Visa application
  • Document support for students who arevscholarship approved or government sponsored
  • Arranging for accommodation or homestay, rental apartment or residence
  • Orientation about City, including mobile phone set-up and bank account
The Canadian Education Network besides offering students services on education also provides placement services. Several opportunities are open for the following positions:
  • Grade 5 Teacher in Saskatchewan at Pelican Narrows
  • Office Manager in Swift Current, Saskatchewan at Central School options for Full time or Temp) Comp#849
  • Junior/Senior High Social Studies/English Language Arts Teacher, Alberta at Paddle Prairie
  • Financial Compliance Officer - 1.0 Perm with Comp#851 in Saskatchewan at Swift Current
  • Learning Assistance Teacher in Yukon at Carcross,
  • Band Teachers - for Elementary and Middle School in Alberta at Lloydminster
  • Native Studies Teacher (Ref.#ML10-038) in Saskatchewan at Meadow Lake

Canada Education 2010

As per the Preliminary Call and Notification for Papers released with regard to Canadian education 2010 the CICE which is the Canada International Conference on Education is scheduled from 4-7 April 2011 in Canada. This assembly of highly qualified academicians and professional will promote the advancement of education theory and practices. The primary objective of the Canadian Conference is to bridge the gap in several cross-disciplinary fields of education among professionals and academicians in order to encourage and build research esteem and promote the evolution of pedagogy. Research papers on conceptual analysis, performance evaluation, design implementation etc. are invited by CICE 2011. Detailed information can be obtained from the education departments and also from the website of CICE. Canadian education consultants also provide information in India at Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi and Hyderabad to those desiring further particulars and details on the conference on education in Canada.

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