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Give a person a fish and he'll eat for a day. If you teach him to fish he'll have enough for a life time. Education is a mother that nurture's the child into an adult. It refines and matures the child through its formative structures that help the child in its growth stages towards being a responsible citizen. The benefits of education are three-fold:
  • To the Self: Education makes a man out of the child. It gives the child self-respect and teaches him the values for life, whereby he can make right choices.He is able to earn his bread. Education equips him with the necessary information and knowledge required to earn his living.
  • To Others: Society is greatly benefited through the education of children. Society improves with the basic advancements from the root. Families are the primary nurseries of education. An educated mother is an asset for the entire family.
  • To Humanity: Many great souls have contributed to the world's welfare due to the advancement of education. Bill Gates is one example of the benefits to the world at large due to education and its advancement.
Holistic education is not merely meeting the needs of a market oriented society but much more. It involves the development that is threefold:
  • Head: To equip oneself with all the necessary information and knowledge required to advance in the way of life one chooses.
  • Heart: To develop one's emotions that harmonise into building strong healthy relationships in the family, society and world that would benefit oneself and others.
  • Hands: To translate one's thoughts and beliefs into action. To bring into fruition all that man is inspired with. To create a better world, to help meet all the challenges of modern day society.
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